X: A Guide for Users, 1st edition

  • Jerry D. Smith

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Designed for users of the X Window System—both novice and expert alike—this volume provides a balance of detailed tutorial material that explains the X Window System from a user's perspective and helpful hints for customizing their X environments to maximize user productivity. KEY TOPICS: Features in-depth coverage of modern X terminal environments from the user's perspective (e.g., a sample script for users who access their accounts from X terminals with widely differing characteristics); offers a semi-tutorial approach to topics such as window managers, X terminals, and the overall X client-server environment; and focuses on the common components of all X environments—with supplemental coverage of the Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, and Sun OpenWindows X environments, as well as DESQview/X. MARKET: For all end-users working in the X environment (engineers, programmers, scientists, and writers) and system administrators.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Getting Started with X.

 3. Window Manager Fundamentals.

 4. Using Common X Clients.

 5. Configuring X Clients with X Resources.

 6. Managing X Resource Specifications.

 7. Working with X Toolkit-based Applications.

 8. Fonts.

 9. Colors.

10. Graphics.

11. X Server-related Customizations.

12. Window Managers.

13. X from X Terminals.

Appendix A: X-related Issues.

Appendix B: Properties.

Appendix C: Resource Repositories.

Appendix D: Event and Translation Information.

Appendix E: Keysyms.

Appendix F: OSF/Motif Virtual Keys.



Published by Pearson (March 10th 1994) - Copyright © 1994