XSL Companion, 2nd edition

  • Neil Bradley

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This new edition of the very popular and successful XSL Companion covers all the features of the new XSLT standard.

The XSLT standard is now firmly established as a companion to XML for all manner of transformation needs. Experience with using this standard to solve serious practical problems has resulted in more explanatory material and suggestions on how to exploit it to the fullest.

Because XSLT makes heavy use of XPath, its popularity has also helped establish XPath as theway to navigate through XML documents. XPath is now being incorporated into XML databases as aquery language. It, therefore, deserves more prominence and now has a section of the book to itself.

This practical hands-on guide is split into four convenient sections:

  • Transformations using XSLT -- covers the features of the XSLT language;
  • XPath expressions -- covers the XPath standard in detail;
  • Formatting with XSL -- looks at the XSL standard in depth;
  • References -- includes information on other formatting and stylesheet languages, explains how to analyze XML document type definitions (DTDs) and lists the characters in the popular ISO 8859/1 character set.


Table of contents

1. Using this book
2. Overview
Transformations (XSLT)
3. Templates
4. Stylesheets
5. HTML output
6. Contextual formatting
7. Expressions in attributes
8. Choices
9. Sorting
10. Numbering
11. Reorganizing material
12. XML output
13. Identifiers and links
14. Text format
15. Namespaces
16. Productivity features
17. XSL
18. HTML 4.0
19. CSS
20. Expressions
21. DTD analysis
23. XSLT extensions


Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (July 8th 2002) - Copyright © 2002