Be the Future 2022 Winners

We are delighted to announce 2022's Be the Future winners

In its third year, Be the Future again presented the judges with a wealth of fantastic entries, showcasing the number of creative and forward-thinking students in education around the UK.

In partnership with the Peter Jones Foundation

We’re delighted that the Peter Jones Foundation has agreed to work in partnership with Pearson to encourage learners across the UK to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and develop their skills to become young entrepreneurs.

  • Name: Erin
  • Enterprise: Conscious Carbon
  • Key Stage: 3

What did the judges say?

Conscious Carbon is an interesting idea as it would allow consumers to make better informed decisions about what they buy and would incentivise them to make these decisions with the planet in mind.  This entry showed the potential of harnessing the power of consumers.

What did the winner say?

When I was told that I was one of the 2022 Be the Future competition winners, I was in complete and utter shock. My social enterprise idea was an app names Conscious Carbon, what allows you to track your carbon footprint from the click of a button. The app had a monthly cost of £1.99, and half of the profits would go to charities such as reforestation organisations.

The idea of the app was influenced by my family who are all in fact vegan, as we believe in making the planet more sustainable and healthy once again. Therefore, I attempted to create a solution where people could be involved in trying to reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere in day to day life.

  • Name: Emilia Zietara
  • Enterprise: The Buddy
  • Key Stage: 4

What did the judges say?

The Buddy takes the simple idea of a toy and imbues it with a message which aims to generate an emotional response while at the same time showing concern for issues around mental health.  Simple and serious at the same time.  This entry showed empathy for the problems some young people have faced during and since the pandemic.

What did the winner say?

“I didn't think I would win, but when I did, I couldn't believe it; this has been a genuinely incredible experience that I won't forget. The idea was originally intended to be a memory bear for people who had lost someone, or wanted to have something to hold to keep a memory alive, for any reason really. However ,shortly after researching more into the increase of mental health problems in the UK and the instant smiles from those who held the first one I made, got me thinking about how this could be important to support those who really needed this. Further research took me to the inclusion centre in the college, where I spoke to the manager there and was allowed to leave them for students to look at, hold, etc and then give their feedback. The reaction was more than I could have anticipated, from a hand stitched rabbit from old t-shirt material! "The Buddy" was born, with a focus on helping with anxiety and in hard times when a little help is needed. Since winning, The Buddy is being trialled in local primary schools for learners with different reasons for it; bereavement, ALN issues and sometimes just to have reassurance if having a bad day. I am so humbled and honoured to be chosen and I still can’t believe it.”

  • Name: Preston Manor
  • Enterprise: FemLink
  • Key Stage: 5

What did the judges say?

Femlink takes a human rights issue and uses an app to try and raise awareness and provide victim support.  This entry showed imagination and a desire to make the world a better place.

What did the winner say?

We are really happy to win the Be The Future competition and we would like to thank our Business studies teachers and school for supporting us.