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  • Providing extra depth and challenge with Power Maths

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    Teachers sometimes ask how they can provide extra challenge for children who complete their independent practice quickly. Alongside the need to engage and stretch all learners, there may also be a practical consideration about class management, and the need for the teacher to support those whose understanding isn’t secure. Here are some suggestions to help ensure all children are appropriately challenged, as you work with the Power Maths resources.

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  • Sharing digital Abacus resources with your class

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    Did you know you can send Abacus resources for children to access via their own logins? This might be invaluable when children miss lessons through illness or having to isolate at home, but it could also help you with setting homework or providing access to digital resources on devices in school.

    This blog takes a quick look at the resources you might want to share and how to do it.

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  • The 12 days of literacy

    12 Days of Literacy - a young girl is reading a book, wearing a santa hat

    This year, we’re swapping the 12 days of Christmas for 12 days of literacy delights – encouraging reading and writing for pleasure throughout the festive holiday and beyond!

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