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  • Encouraging reading for pleasure together

    Two young children smiling and looking at an e-reader

    Whether by reading all together – or drawing on the amazing breadth of stories, characters, authors, illustrators, and formats out there – so long as their reading experience is a positive one, children can be encouraged on a lifelong reading journey. Debbie Hicks, Creative Director at The Reading Agency takes a look at how teachers and families can work together to get them going, helping young readers head in the right direction.

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  • The power of reading in schools

    A young child is sat at a table, looking at an ipad, with classmates in the background

    How teachers can encourage reading for pleasure in the classroom

    When reading is fun it encourages real engagement, but the sad fact is not all children find it easy. For some children, reading is a challenge – which is why it is important for schools and families to support them to read for pleasure.

    Building on her recent blog on 'What superpowers can reading for pleasure give me?', The Reading Agency’s Creative Director, Debbie Hicks, shares some practical tips to encourage reading for pleasure in your school.


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  • What superpowers will reading for pleasure give me?

    A young boy is sat next to an older man, looking at work together

    Reading for pleasure has lifelong benefits for all ages – children especially. As such, it sits at the heart of The Reading Agency’s mission and vision. Here Creative Director, Debbie Hicks, looks at the statistics behind those benefits, and discusses why reading for pleasure is so important.

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