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  • Apprentice 20

    The Apprentice 20 event will not be taking place in the City of London’s Guildhall on the 29th and 30th June this year due to the current circumstances. Instead, they have created a website to enable you to explore the world of apprenticeships and some fantastic career opportunities. It will open doors to lead you directly to employers offering an extraordinary and dynamic range of career pathways.

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  • Maths anxiety + parents = ?

    Power of Maths Roundtable Series

    We asked two leading parental engagement experts some questions about the role parents and carers have to play when it comes to preventing and tackling maths anxiety among children. And, here’s what we learned…

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  • Making sense of mastery

    Supporting your mastery journey

    Since the Department for Education (DfE) announced their plans to support primary schools with implementing a teaching for mastery approach, mastery has become synonymous with maths teaching.

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