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  • Getting started with phonics for 4-year-olds

    How many people do you think can remember learning to read? Can they remember the days, weeks, months and years their primary school teachers took teaching them a skill that would open up a world of opportunities? How many can remember recognising those initial letters on the page, combining the letters and sounds to form words and then attaching meaning to those words? The chances are, not many. For those that struggled with reading however, the memories are probably more vivid.

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  • Why a diverse English curriculum matters now more than ever

    “There has never been a stronger reason than all the things that are happening, to try and show students that they are members of a global society.” 

    Bennie Kara, Author and Deputy Headteacher

    Consider the value of global connections and understanding in 2023; the power of communication as we navigate life post-pandemic, including the climate crisis; the huge importance of empathy, as issues like the rising cost of living, and the conflict in Ukraine continue to make their impact on young lives. With a diverse English curriculum helping to shape learners’ views and skillsets, schools can develop tolerance and sustainable thinking for new generations – something we need now more than ever before. 

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