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  • Why can’t my child excel and have a difficulty/disability at the same time?

    Ever met a parent or carer who has asked you this question? I have, more than a decade ago. This started my journey into the field of Dual Multiple Exceptionality (DME) or as it is known in the USA as Twice Exceptional (2e). This blog is divided into two parts: Part 1: explores what is DME and identification Part 2: considers case studies and reflective questions for practitioners.

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  • Speech, language and communication needs: a complex relationship

    Recently we have seen the issue of children and young people’s mental health repeatedly placed in the spotlight with new commitments from the Government to overhaul the mental health system being widely welcomed. Mental Health Awareness week provides an excellent opportunity to really increase understanding of the needs of children and young people struggling as a result of poor mental health and the impacts this can have.

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  • A new approach for mental health?

    One in ten children in the UK has a diagnosable mental health problem, a significant statistic once again highlighted this January as Theresa May outlined her new approach to mental health support. To provide some context...

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  • Do you know a communication champion?

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    Good communication skills are an important part of learning and everyday life, and have a big impact upon children and young people’s life chances. But for one million children, who have communication needs, skills many of us take for granted, like sharing stories, asking a question, offering help to others and making friends, are challenging.

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