Creative Writing – Course Introduction

“We do look a little stupid as we draft, and that's all right... You have to be willing to go into the chaos and bring back the beauties.” — Tess Gallagher

This course can be done in your own way, at your own pace, and could give you ideas and motivation for weeks, months or even years to come. You might skip over and return to sections later, try an activity a day, a unit over a weekend, or whatever works best for you. Click below for a welcome message from video tutor, Érin Geraghty.

On most screens in the course, you will see pink buttons like the ones below that can be clicked to reveal further information, such as video transcripts, additional ideas, or examples. Having read what they have to say, you can click the buttons again to hide their information.

Course Introduction — video transcript
Using this course

For definitions of key terms, click into the Glossary screen (near the bottom of the side menu).

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