Embracing accessible learning for SEN pupils - A ‘Q and A’ for educators

This week, Global Accessibility Awareness Day will strike an especially deep chord for many involved in SEN education. During months of challenges induced by the pandemic, many SEN learners across the country were confronted with extra layers of accessibility issues, facing disruption to the stable, supported and often specialist environment offered to them. In our work with schools, SEN educators and families, we’ve been inspired by the dedication to ‘surviving’ this period and finding new ways for learning to ‘thrive’. 

Q: How can home-based learners still feel part of the class when they’re working remotely?

Q: My SEN learners are struggling to stay engaged in digital learning. What techniques can I use to motivate them?

Q: How can I encourage more pupil-led learning?

Q: What are the best tips for sharing online feedback with SEN pupils?

Q: I’d like to involve parents and carers more closely in my pupils’ education. How can I do this?

Q: Why is accessibility important to Pearson?