Handy Guide to 16-19 performance tables

A significant reform of the accountability system for 16-19 providers comes into effect with the publication of results in summer 2016 – meaning that it is the students who started level 3 courses in September 2014 who will be the first to be reported on.

What are the qualification categories?

What are the headline performance measures?

What about independent schools?

What else is being measured and reported?

What if a qualification is not on one of the vocational lists at Levels 2 and 3?

What if a student takes an AS and then completes an A level, tops up a BTEC or takes a technical certificate and then completes a tech level?

What if a student takes a qualification at the end of their first year, and then leaves our college?

We have students who will only complete their level 3 programme after a third year of study – how will that be reported?

How will ‘progress’ be calculated and reported for academic and applied general qualifications?

How will the combined completion and attainment measure be calculated and reported for tech level and technical certificate qualifications?

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Version 1.5 - The information on this page, and in the PDF below, was last updated 17 January 2017.