End Point Assessment

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Government legislation states that EPA must be delivered by a separate body to the employer and training provider. Pearson TQ is experienced with working with a number of EPA providers and can work with any that you choose, but within Pearson we also have our own EPA organisation, which is approved to assess specific standards by the Skills Funding Agency and completely separate to our training division. You can work with Pearson's EPA whether we provide your training or not.

As a registered End Point Assessment organisation, Pearson is responsible for ensuring that End Point Assessments are valid, reliable, comparable, manageable and minimise bias. 

  • maintaining credibility and value in the design and application of our specifications and assessment tools
  • ensuring people and resources involved in EPA design and delivery are ‘fit-for-purpose’ and understand the industry sector they are working in
  • working collaboratively with training providers, employers, colleges, independent assessors
  • quality assuring the delivery of EPAs, using a risk-based approach
  • providing regular training and standardisation activities
  • ensuring continuous professional development of people involved in assessments and quality assurance of our EPAs
  • ensuring high quality reporting and management of information

Delivering End Point Assessments

As a registered Apprentice Assessment Organisation, Pearson is accountable for developing, delivering and awarding EPAs. In order to deliver EPAs, Pearson is able to either:

  • deliver EPAs directly for employers and/ or training providers, or
  • partner with organisations that have the capacity, capability and suitable independence to work with us
We are also able to work with external or preferred EPA providers should you require. For more information on EPA, please review our guides:

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