The Apprenticeship levy

We have summarised some key points:

In addition to recouping your obligatory contribution, the co-funding principle means employers can pay 10% towards training and the government will pay the rest (90%). This means investing £10m could bring in £90m of additional funding.

Furthermore, apprenticeships offer a cost-effective alternative to increase retention and keep wage bills down. If you’re already investing in management training for graduates, Pearson TQ can help you switch to Levy funded apprenticeships.

Making a business case for the Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy may be a complex and confusing government legislation, but it certainly comes with significant benefits to your business. The following key points can be used to put together a business case for stakeholders.

Significant funding opportunity
The co-funding principle means employers can pay 10% towards training and the government will pay the rest (90%). E.g. £10m could bring in £90m of additional funding.

Reducing recruitment costs
Apprenticeships can reduce dependence on expensive graduates who are harder to retain.

Employers can also train their existing staff—combining on the job experience with sought after skills.

Boosting retention
Apprenticeships give employees the career development opportunities they desire, helping to create a more highly skilled, loyal workforce.

Earning while learning
Apprenticeships enable learners to pursue professional development and gain valuable practical experience while earning money—and avoiding student debt.

Enhancing the brand
Training and development set businesses apart in a competitive market place—enabling them to attract the best talent and give them the edge in close bids.

Long-term revenue opportunity
Enhanced skills means higher productivity and better service. Combined with the wider benefits to brand, training puts businesses ahead of the competition.

Overcoming barriers to adopting the Levy

As well as putting a business case together for stakeholders, there are common themes of barriers that businesses need to overcome to adopt the Levy.

Common key questions that clients we currently work with face

Unsure how to implement the Levy?

Most employers recognise the benefits offered by the Apprenticeship Levy. But some are still unsure how to implement it. The legislation has many varying factors, policies and standards which can be confusing and difficult to implement into your business.

Pearson TQ helps businesses to navigate the legislation and ensure they make full use of the Levy.

Our experienced team will work with you to design and develop the ideal training for your organisation—delivered through a range of face-to-face and online learning. Our SFA approved, fully independent End Point Assessment (EPA) service means we are capable of providing a full end-to-end capability.

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