Training transformation

Updating the way you train can help to improve the all-round learning experience, as well as saving you time and money.

Image by Pearson TQ

Training transformation is about updating your course content by drawing on the latest digital innovations and educational techniques to save you time and money.

We carry out extensive consultations with our clients in both the public and private sector to build up a complete picture of their requirements, before designing bespoke solutions that bring measurable outcomes.

These include driving down the time spent on training by as much as 30%, though our capabilities mean this could be more or less depending on your requirements.

Thanks to the reduction in training time, we can cut the overall costs of delivering course material and reduce the number of hours that staff spend away from the workplace.

Allowing us to transform the way you train can also help to improve the all-round learning experience, creating content that’s more effective, engaging and memorable for your learners or employees.

For employers, our bespoke training services can lead to increased worker efficiency, reduced time spent out of the business and a rise in customer loyalty, satisfaction and spend.

Additionally, they can make employees feel more valued and invested in, leading to better staff retention.

And we’re investing millions of pounds to develop new ways of delivering learning material through technology and helping to transform all different kinds of training.

Immersive learning technology

One of the key ways in which we can transform training for both learners and providers is by deploying our extensive knowledge of the latest educational technology.

Here at Pearson TQ, we’re leading the way in developing cutting-edge tools and techniques that are radically altering the way people consume information. This could mean:

  • digitising course content so that it can be accessed by learners at any time no matter where they are in the world
  • using Virtual Reality to place learners in a completely different virtual environment and give them the chance to practise specific skills and tasks while still in the classroom
  • bringing an array of subjects to life with cutting-edge interactive 3D holograms.
Image by Ruben Alvarado

Augmented reality innovations

We’ve been chosen as Microsoft’s education sector launch partner for their new Hololens augmented reality device – and we’ve already come up with some innovative ways to use this exciting piece of technology.

At Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, it’s helped us to teach students about physics, anatomy and much more by enabling learners to visualise course content in previously unimaginable ways.

And we’re investing heavily in content development and seeking partnerships for jointly funded projects to find similarly ground-breaking ways of delivering our training.

Image by Microsoft

New outlook on learning

Using interactive 360-degree headsets we were also able to give learners at the Royal School of Military Engineering the chance to explore maintenance bays in virtual reality.

This allowed students to quickly get used to working in the bays by learning about the position of tools and different features – and all without leaving the classroom.

Our approach

Before we start the training transformation process, we’ll carry out a full consultation to understand your business values and goals, along with what you want to achieve.

We’ll also look at how you currently train so that we can identify any problems you may be facing and then move to eradicate them by designing and delivering a unique blend of learning solutions.

Putting your requirements at the heart of all we do, we’ll help you to understand the core skills needed by your learners and the targets you need to reach to achieve your goals

Once everything’s in place, we’ll make it easy for you to track your return on investment by measuring all learning outcomes, as well as accrediting training through appropriate awarding bodies.