Geosystems Core

Robert W. Christopherson

Stephen Cunha, Humboldt State University

Charles E. Thomsen

Ginger H. Birkeland

©2017 |Pearson | Available


A brief, visual, and media-rich approach to physical geography

Highly regarded, best-selling author Robert Christopherson has partnered with renowned geographer and educator Stephen Cunha, longtime media author Charlie Thomsen, and established educator and researcher Ginger Birkeland to develop Geosystems Core, a brief, modular, highly visual and flexible textbook and springboard into physical geography. This approach allows instructors to teach concepts in their preferred order, empowering them to bring in their own case studies and applications to further illustrate the core concepts.

Instructors can also easily augment and extend the First Edition of the print book by leveraging the rich library of media and customizable assessment resources in MasteringGeography.