Affordability & Access

Learn about programs, products, and services that can help your institution make education more affordable and accessible to all students.

Saving students time and money

More than ever, academic programs should be tailored to fit the lives of today’s students, not the other way around. From blended and fully online programs to opting for digitally delivered course materials in the classroom, institutions are transitioning to digital to ensure equitable access for all learners. And we’re right there to help.

In an effort to take on the issue of college affordability, we’re lowering the prices on our e-book rentals and announcing a new rental pilot program for print textbooks.

Students will save up to 50% off of more than 2,000 e-book titles and will still be able to rent them through the same, trusted online retailers they’ve always used. For print textbooks, the rental pilot program will offer 50 popular titles, available for fall 2017 classes through many of the same retailers currently renting our books.

It’s our way of helping students save time and money by getting high-quality course materials without spending hours searching the internet or campus bookstores for the best price.

Learn more about our other digital and online learning services below.

Help Desk Services & Technical Support
Managed Services for Community Colleges

Pearson experts and best practices can bolster college management systems for high-access institutions, enabling you to respond to performance-based funding models and enhance all aspects of your students’ community college experience.

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Help Desk Services & Technical Support
Online Program Management

We strive to increase student enrollment, support the online learning experience, boost graduation rates, and deliver on employability by providing funding and expertise in program development, marketing, admissions, technical support, and student services.

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Help Desk Services & Technical Support

In this self-paced online learning program, students can master academic courses at their own pace using award-winning content and academic support from Pearson.

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