Olds' Maternal-Newborn Nursing & Women's Health Across the Lifespan, 10th Edition

Michele Davidson, George Mason University, George Mason University

Marcia London, Beth-El College of Nursing and Sciences, Beth-El College of Nursing and Sciences

Patricia Ladewig, Regis University, Regis University

©2016 |Pearson | Available


A humanistic, holistic approach to thinking like a nurse

Olds' Maternal-Newborn Nursing & Women's Health: Across the Lifespan is a family-focused text that covers maternal-newborn nursing and women’s health topics with special attention to evidence-based practice, cultural competence, critical thinking, professionalism, patient education, and home/community care. Relatable and engaging, the text is built upon the philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes, and that family members are partners in care. The holistic approach helps readers develop their clinical-reasoning skills, and prepare to practice nursing in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

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