Great on the Job

This interactive learning experience helps your employees develop the communication skills they need to become influencers and leaders.

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Empower your employees to be great on the job

Employers today face unprecedented challenges onboarding new talent. According to the Hay Group, 76% of business leaders say entry-level professionals and graduates are not prepared for the working world. That needs to change — and it can start with you.

The most successful professionals in our global economy are people with dynamic and honed communication skills — not necessarily those with the highest IQ or technological know how. They excel in strategic communication, have the ability to persuade others, and can be effective in any environment. You can teach your employees how to influence, advance, and lead in the 21st century workplace by developing their communication skills.

Pearson has partnered with Great on the Job to create BeGreatOnTheJob — a scalable, online learning experience that delivers practical, tactical tools and strategies to grow your next generation talent to become stronger contributors to your organization.

Why Great on the Job?

Companies can save an average of $26,000 per knowledge worker per year by improving communication according to SIS International Research reports.