Products & Services

Pearson products help meet learner needs and deliver measurable results that transform lives all over the world. Explore our products and services for every stage of the education journey.

For Teaching

Our personalized course content, digital resources, apps, and textbooks help educators build knowledge and unlock learners’ potential.

For Institutions

Pearson provides a variety of services to help schools and institutions overcome challenges and realize opportunities for change and growth. Our teams collaborate with you to develop instructionally sound educational solutions to meet your needs.

Assessment & Qualifications

Our educational assessments help education leaders make informed decisions and help learners reach their potential by providing meaningful feedback to educators and families.

And our professional assessments help people in healthcare, human resources, workforce training, and talent management ensure the success of employees and learners.

Professional Assessments

Our professional assessments are designed to help organizations measure and make improvements to ensure the success of employees and learners.