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Improve student engagement with online teaching

In the past couple of blogs, we focused on getting started with moving your teaching from campus to online delivery.

Message/Timing Tool (subject to availability) Value

First day of a new online delivery mode

VLE Announcements 

Email all

Reassure students, explain the new mode of delivery, set expectations, check-in on how students are doing. 

Welcome to the week

(start of each week)

VLE Announcements 

Email all

Welcome, motivate, reassure and enthuse students. Show your presence. Identify key activities

Check-in/post to discussion forums

(2-3 times per week)

Discussion forum

Show your presence, interact with students, let them know that you are reading their posts, share your insights, encourage and motivate. 

Live sessions

(1-2 per week)

Live session software

Connect with your students in real-time, show your presence, maintain the learning routine and momentum. 

Live session reminders/summaries 

(remind a few days before and summarise soon after)

VLE Announcements

Email all

Remind students about live sessions and the value of attending. Share the recording and summarise the key points discussed. 

Answer student’s direct questions

(within 1-2 working days)

VLE announcements (for answers relevant to all)


VLE messaging system

Respond to individual issues directly, reach out to students who are struggling/disengaged, provide support as you would on-campus.

End of week message

VLE Announcements

Email all

Remind students of upcoming activities, motivate, reassure and share advice. 


Formative (timely)

Summative (same as campus policy)

VLE Announcements (for group feedback)

VLE feedback tools

Email (if no other options)

Formative feedback in a timely fashion will help students keep on track with their assignments. Offer developmental feedback and feedforward. 

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