Pearson Live Showcase - Pearson’s AI-Powered Study Tool

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This webinar was showcasing Pearson's innovative AI-powered study tool in Mastering, designed to revolutionise higher education.

Pearson Live Showcase - Pearson’s AI-Powered Study Tool
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An introductory poll indicated that while most participants had not yet integrated AI tools into their teaching, there was a significant interest in doing so. The presenters then delved deeper into the features and potential of the new tool.

The webinar discussed the rapid adoption of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, which quickly amassed a large user base, prompting discussions on how to integrate AI safely and effectively into everyday life, especially in education. It explored the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI and large language models, raising concerns about their reliability, potential biases, and the impact on learning. The goal was to address these challenges while harnessing the benefits of AI in higher education.

The presenter emphasised the mixed reactions to AI's role in education, including both excitement and concern. Participants worried about students bypassing essential learning processes, the accuracy of AI-generated content, and potential biases. However, they also recognised significant benefits, such as instant, personalised learning support. The speaker sought feedback on these concerns and benefits to better understand how to integrate AI tools into the classroom effectively.

Poll results revealed common concerns such as the accuracy of AI-generated information, potential biases, and risks of plagiarism and reduced critical thinking skills. Conversely, the benefits included personalised learning support and the ability to address individual student needs. The presenter acknowledged these concerns, explaining that Pearson had been researching AI developments to mitigate risks while maximising benefits. Pearson aimed to develop a tool that incentivised academic integrity, ensured content accuracy, and promoted a balanced relationship between AI use and critical thinking. 

Pearson's AI Study Tool, as presented in this webinar, aims to assist students in understanding their mistakes and learning from them. The tool integrates seamlessly with courseware, offering context-specific help by breaking down complex questions into simpler ones and guiding students to correct answers. This integration ensures relevance and accuracy, providing tailored guidance based on course content. The tool also maintains structured learning paths, preventing students from deviating into unrelated areas, thus promoting focused and efficient study sessions.

The webinar highlighted that the AI Study Tool simplifies textbook content into more conversational language, beneficial for students struggling with academic jargon. It prompts continuous progression by queuing up new questions, even if previous ones are answered incorrectly, and allows students to interact with the AI through a free response chat box. This interactive approach helps maintain the learning flow and ensures students receive immediate, understandable feedback.

The AI Study Tool provides explanations for correct answers, reinforcing understanding by offering contextual feedback. This methodical approach ensures students grasp concepts thoroughly, keeping them focused on the main question until mastery is achieved. Guardrails within the tool prevent distractions and ensure efficient learning within the estimated time for assignments, avoiding student fatigue.

Designed to encourage academic integrity, the AI Study Tool integrates personalised homework, reducing the temptation for shortcuts and promoting genuine understanding. By using Pearson's content, the tool guarantees accuracy and reliability. It transforms the content into a more approachable and interactive format, supporting a healthy relationship with AI and helping students develop foundational knowledge alongside critical and analytical skills. 

Pearson's AI Study Tool aims to enhance learning without compromising essential academic skills. This webinar explained that the tool guides students through structured learning paths, focusing on problem-solving rather than merely providing answers. The tool is in its Beta phase, with ongoing improvements to reduce cheating risks and ensure accurate, valuable information. Future updates may include insights into student performance and expanded question formats, making it a versatile educational aid.

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