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MyLab Math

“Let me stress it: it would be very difficult for me to teach this module if I didn’t have this resource.”  

This endorsement comes from Professor Werner A. Hofer who said using MyLab Math at Newcastle University was a positive experience both for him and for his students.

He found the system easy to work with and simple to implement saying “basically I took the course, I did my lectures, and then I said, now you have this assignment, you have to complete it by Tuesday, and they were roughly covering the same stuff that I did in the lecture.”

Pearson MyLab Math is an online homework, tutorial and assessment product designed to improve learner outcomes and results for higher education students. It was introduced at Newcastle University in 2016 to chemistry students studying mathematics.


This study shows how MyLab Math supported the instructor, delivering a positive teaching and learning experience - building a strong foundation and increasing confidence in mathematics for science students by:  

  • Providing a safe, supportive, familiar online environment for students to access and practice mathematics, free from judgement or critique
  • Supporting wellbeing - decreasing stress levels previously evident in the cohort by increasing the opportunity to access practice and feedback
  • Delivering high average scores. The high median mark achieved on this course demonstrated that all students were performing reasonably or very well without reference to prior mathematical knowledge, MyLab Math enabled a level playing field for students.
  • Freeing up instructor time through the automated marking of 750 assessments which contributed to 50% of the course mark, allowing more time for research whilst also providing valuable class analytics.

MyLab Math enabled Professor Hofer to deliver content in a familiar, enjoyable format and it also automated marking for a large cohort, saving the teaching staff time and providing valuable analytics on class performance.

MyLab Math also supported a sense of wellbeing in students, easing the stress some associated with the study of mathematics. 

"I think the system is well designed and easy to navigate to the desired content. I would recommend MyMathLab to other students who need to brush up on maths.” 

Student – Newcastle University