• Customised MyLab for Marketing and Management

    Dr James Fowler talks about his course titled Introduction to Management, which serves as an essential first-year undergraduate course, where they created a hybrid MyLab system. 

  • MyOperationsExperience for experiential learning

    Sudhir Selvaraj, instructor at University of Bradford, UK talks about his experience with MyOMExperience and how it helps his students familiarize themselves with the real world of work. 

  • Aiding student performance with MyLab Finance

    Chin-Te Alvin Chen of Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, discusses the integration of MyLab Finance in his Introductory Finance course with 320 students. MyLab Finance offers online homework and instant feedback, easing workload for Professor Chen and aiding student learning. 

  • Mastering Chemistry experience with Magdalena Kasprzak

    Magdalena Kasprzak, coordinator at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, discusses her experience with Pearson's Mastering Chemistry platform's 12-year impact. It proves instrumental in bridging global medical student knowledge gaps through effective online course organization, progress tracking, and diagnostic tools. The platform's integration motivates students, enhances engagement, and transforms teaching. 

What students say

"We get set homework every week. For me the benefit of MyMathLab is actually working through the examples that we've been taught in class. That's how I learn maths."

- Llinos Owen, student, Engineering Maths, University of Liverpool, UK (MyMathLab)

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful the Mastering Biology is! It makes me study better, almost forces me to it! And it is a perfect combination between pictures, videos and text. It's genius!"

- Renee Bakkemo, student, University of Essex (MasteringBiology)

"It is like having a teacher by your side, you learn it a lot quicker than usual homework!"

- Jannick Mikkelsen, student, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (MyEconLab)

"[MyFinanceLab is] like a personal tutor laying the path toward your learning finance."

- Fredrik Hannfors, student, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden (MyFinanceLab)

What educators say

"What really helped was that fact that [MasteringEngineering] was online, available 24/7. That really helped; students these days want to decide when they study. That's when we really saw our pass rates go up."

- Gillian Saunders, lecturer, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, using MasteringEngineering with Hibbeler: Statics (MasteringEngineering)

"The average mark is approximately 10% higher than it was previously. Furthermore, the failure rate has decreased significantly - from 32% to 5-14% in recent years."

- Marion Birch and Niels Walet, Manchester University (MasteringPhysics)

"Since I've been using it my pass rates have gone up - the first year I used the system it was quite striking."

- Carrie Rutherford, London South Bank University, UK (MyMathLab)

"Results show that these students performed on average 10% better on the final exam."

- Matthew Olczak, Aston University, UK (MyEconLab)

"The percentage of students who passed the course increased from 55% to 80%."

- Carrie Rutherford, London South Bank University, UK (MyMathLab)

"The number of low performers was lower than in the corresponding exams a year ago."

- Jouko Karjalainen, Aalto University, Finland (MasteringPhysics)