MyMarketingExperience: adding a valuable teaching tool to the classroom

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A group of business students sitting round a table to discuss a document

MyMarketingExperience is an engaging simulation set in the jeanswear industry. It allows marketing students playing in teams to analyse the changing marketplace, set strategies for their company, take tactical actions and compete against each other in fun yet challenging settings.

Ivana First Komen, an associate professor at the University of Rijeka, has utilised Pearson’s MyMarketingExperience within the Faculty of Economics and Business since 2017. She has been pleased with her experience, finding benefits for both herself and her students. She found that the quality of students’ observations and comments improved with the use of the simulation, and students gave the feedback that they learned more about the marketing process with the help of the simulation in comparison to classical courses.

She also found that students:

• Were motivated to spend a lot of time within the simulation and think about the interrelatedness of the decisions within and outside of the scope of marketing
• Studied the market process in a fun, engaging way
• Realised the importance of understanding target customers for overall business success


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