MyOperationsExperience for experiential learning

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Sudhir Selvaraj, instructor at University of Bradford, UK talks about his experience with MyOMExperience and how it helps his students familiarize themselves with the real world of work. 

The Project Implementation Management module at the University of Bradford, part of their Master's programme, focuses on equipping students with project management tools and discussing their application in the development sector. The module is divided into two terms: project planning and design, followed by project finance and appraisal. Students initially learn the basics of planning and design, including financial aspects, before moving on to implementation. The curriculum covers contemporary issues, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of project management in various contexts. 

Assessment in this module includes the use of Pearson’s MyOMExperience simulation, which allows students to engage in practical project management scenarios over two weeks, followed by a reflective practice essay. This reflective component encourages students to evaluate their performance in the simulation or reflect on their leadership skills and experiences. The simulation offers a practical understanding of real-world project management challenges, including dealing with emergencies and contractor cooperation, thus preparing students for practical implementation scenarios. 

Students appreciate the experiential learning offered by the simulation, which provides an alternative to traditional essay assessments. It addresses various learning needs and fosters engagement by simulating real-world project management situations. The integration of the simulation into the assessment process, complemented by reflective essays, enhances students' practical skills and understanding. The module also emphasizes the importance of understanding the rules and intricacies of project management to avoid unforeseen challenges, making it a valuable educational tool for aspiring project managers. 

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