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Keeping students engaged with the overwhelming amount of content in a biology course can be challenging. We understand that students attend lectures with a varying degree of knowledge, scientific skills and preparedness. Mastering Biology can help your students to engage, practice and master complex scientific challenges. 

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Active, engaging and immersive experiences

Mastering Biology is a flexible, customisable platform which seamlessly integrates world-class content with independent study tools, homework and assessments, supporting the way students learn best: through active learning.  

With the help of tutorials, coaching activities, animations, videos and lab resources combined with instant feedback and real-time analytics, Mastering can help you to develop confident, competent learners and improve outcomes.  

Mastering Anatomy and Physiology
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“Mastering Biology offers students the flexibility to learn in their own space, at their own pace, and in a visual way that isn’t possible from traditional textbooks” 

-  Louise Beard, University of Essex

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Even more to love with Pearson eTextbook

You can also give students access to enhanced digital textbook content from your favourite Pearson authors through Mastering. More than an ebook, Pearson eTextbook offers effective, innovative features and self-study aids for greater engagement to help you maximise students' learning.

Explore some of our leading titles in Biology from leading authors such as Neil A. Campbell and Lisa A. Urry, featuring unrivalled content paired with the cutting-edge technology and active learning capabilities of Mastering. Teaching Genetics or Microbiology? Browse our available titles in Mastering.

New and widely adopted textbooks for Biology courses

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