Pearson’s experiential-based simulation

Through the lifespan stages of development, this human development and learning simulation enables students to experience the growth of a virtual adult from age 18 to late adulthood.

A range of features students can apply to relate and identify with their virtual adult

Personalised digital avatars offer students the opportunity to

  • identify with their virtual alter egos and resonate with their virtual adult in first-person
  • choose from a wide range of skin, hair, eye tones and colours, facial shapes, hairstyles, and clothing accessories

A sophisticated, tailor-made and immersive virtual learning experience

  • fosters a deep emotional connection, helping students develop a vivid sense of the impact of genetics, attitudes, and decisions across the whole lifespan
  • provides a wide variety of trajectories in the areas of education, career, relationships, social network, health, and financial stability
  • encourages students to make life-changing decisions for their virtual adult character, e.g. make financial decisions regarding a house purchase and as a result, determine their position to retire etc.

Further features students can access include

  • feedback at the end of each developmental stage, summarising what students experienced in areas such as careers, relationships, health, and financial planning – and how they responded
  • writing prompts, asking students to reflect upon their real and virtual lives and apply what they’re learning in the course

A look inside MyVirtualLife, as part of Lifespan Development Psychology

A look inside MyVirtualLife | Lifespan Development Psychology
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