MyMarketingExperience features

Discover some of the exciting features MyMarketingExperience has to offer.

Realistic, engaging game-play

Compete in a marketing environment

MyMarketingExperience, set in the jeanswear industry, allows marketing students playing in teams, within a safe real-time environment, to analyse the changing marketplace, set strategy for their company, take tactical actions and compete against each other. This simulation creates an engaging, stimulating and interactive learning environment that excites and fits in to the digital age.

7 Ps of marketing

Developing marketing theory

The simulation is made up of 8 rounds. Each round represents one quarter of a financial year and is based around one of the 7 Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, place, physical environment, people and process).

In each quarter, each team must make a series of decisions (both strategic and tactical) and draw on their knowledge of marketing theory to make sound decisions. Within each quarter students can also access theory revision material to help them apply it effectively.

Critical reflection

Better understanding of marketing theory

By playing the simulation, students will gain a better understanding of how marketing theory relates to real-world business situations. They will be forced to critically reflect their decisions, as their decisions will affect their KPIs and how competitive forces work within a finite marketplace as they compete against each other - leading to better commercial awareness.

Tangible output: Full marketing plan

Construct and execute a marketing strategy

The simulation encourages development of your students' higher-order cognitive skills and collaborative skill development. It will improve your students' transferable skills (such as communication, teamworking and presentation skills), leading to more available evidence to draw on during the graduate job recruitment process.

Cooperative learning

Creating positive learning outcomes

To play MyMarketingExperience successfully, teams must create and manage the marketing strategy of a company selling their own brand of jeans in competition with others in their own unique marketplace. While they play their decisions are recorded and placed into an automatically generated marketing plan which can be downloaded as a Word document during every quarter.