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Pearson Maths events. Thank you for visiting our stand!

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Thank you for visiting our stand!

Powered by the latest technology and your feedback, we’re connecting teaching, learning, revision and assessment like never before.

From first learning in primary to final exam at secondary, our services are here to support every learning journey. And, we're continuing our research to ensure we're harnessing the latest innovations to enhance learning and assessment wherever they happen.

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Our qualifications

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. We believe in helping all learners to achieve their potential in their lives, regardless of their background, ability, or learning style.

That’s why we offer more learning routes, qualifications, support and resources for students and teachers than any other learning company. 

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Our new Level 2 Extended Maths qualification

Our new Level 2 Extended Mathematics qualification provides stretch and challenge that allows learners to dive deeper into maths. The relevant foundational content helps them to achieve their potential at KS4, as well as bridging the transition to many KS5 subject areas.

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Switch Up: Our exclusive switch offer

Switch up: our exclusive switch offer

We know that switching to a new qualification is a big decision, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. That’s why we’re offering an exclusive package to all centres* wanting to switch to our GCSE Maths qualifications.

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Pearson Edexcel: Supporting every learning journey

Switch to Pearson

You make the decision; we’ll do the work for you. Our teams for each subject will support you every step of the way, whether you need an in-school visit, a phone call, or access to our free support materials.

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Our Teaching and Learning resources

Explore how we can support you in the classroom with our wide range of print and digital teaching and learning resources.

Be part of the ActiveHub journey... Pearson ActiveHub

ActiveHub. Powered by insight. Guided by you.

ActiveHub is the next step in digital teaching and learning, bringing together assessment, rich data insights and next generation independent intervention practice to give you the tools you need to help your students reach their full potential. Driven by insights, ActiveHub provides everything on one platform for a powerful online learning experience, anytime, anywhere.

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Get your post-16 GCSE Maths students to Grade 4

Discover support for getting learners prepared and confident ahead of their GCSE Maths resits, including a bundle of free boost resources and an ActiveHub package designed specifically for post-16 settings.

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Build confidence and develop the skills needed for GCSE

Maths Progress takes a coherently-planned, ambitious approach and draws upon global best practices and cutting-edge research to help all of your students make progress at KS3. 

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Pearson Revise logo

Pearson Revise

Unbeatable, affordable revision


With Pearson's new eBook subscription, every student can access 50+ revision guides online for only £2.50 per month (or £19.99 for the whole year).

Schools can also buy access for whole year groups, for just £399 - and with immediate online access, it's the quickest and simplest way to get them revising.

Everything they need to revise, in one place online: no print, no clutter, no problem!

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Or in print...

Our unbeatable range of revision guides, workbooks, cards and practice papers are available with a huge 50% discount for schools.

Workbooks and practice papers help with write-in exam practice - the perfect companion to the eBooks!

With revision resources to suit every budget and every style of learning, we're here to make revision work for your students - and to take the admin burden away from you.

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Pearson Tutoring

We offer a range of flexible online sessions with qualified teachers in GCSE Maths that have already supported 9000 students to date. 

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Find resources for every key stage

Discover our range of exciting teaching and learning resources for maths, from KS1 to KS5. 

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