Confidence for all

We want every learner to engage with the power of maths so they can develop the skills and confidence to achieve and progress throughout their lives.

That's why our unique and innovative approaches help to build confidence in maths at every age and stage of learning. We believe every learner can be a confident mathematician.

Building maths confidence for our secondary learners

Our KS3 and GCSE courses help students master maths with confidence with a UK-specific approach that draws upon global best practices and cutting-edge research. Every student can be a confident mathematician.

That’s why both Maths Progress (Second Edition) for KS3 and the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9–1) Mathematics series are specifically founded on key principles to nurture students’ confidence in maths so they can believe it too. And if they can believe it, they can persevere, achieve and progress.

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