• The Future of Design Education - a case study with King's College London

    A future for higher education Engineering in the UK

    King College London (KCL) boasts an engineering degree course that is rethinking how students are prepared for their eventual career in the industry. Claire Lucas, Professor of Engineering teaching and learning, was kind enough to open the doors on the undergraduate programme being developed, that might inspire teachers of design and technology to rethink how best to prepare students for an engineering degree pathway, if not through the vocational qualification route.

  • Jonathan Harper, Future Foundations - can Design and Technology Create a Brighter Future for All?

    Today's young people are grappling with a rapidly changing world, confronting complex issues that range from climate change and conflict to the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

    With the World Health Organization reporting that depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents, the call to equip young people with effective tools and supportive strategies is urgent.