• The Rochford Review: What you need to know

    With the end-of-key-stage assessments imminent, here's a quick reminder of what the Rochford Review recommendations are for assessing children working 'working below the standards of the national curriculum tests but who are above the level of the P scales'.

  • Stepping forward: Comprehension at KS1

    At the same time that the government published the KS2 teacher assessment exemplifications, it also published guidance for KS1 teacher assessment, and though most of the guidance was as expected with regards to phonics and reading fluency there were a few interesting points. 

  • 5 top tips for making KS1 SATs less stressful for children

    Key Stage 1 SATs have long been controversial. But with tests this year the first to be linked to the new curriculum, they feel more high-stakes than ever. With this in mind here are 5 ideas to help you to prepare your children and minimise stress while maximising results.

  • Eight questions to ask about your assessment regime

    Eight questions to ask about your assessment regime

    With assessment a key focus of school improvement plans for most primary schools this year, here are 8 questions to ask yourself to help you evaluate whether your assessment system is the best it could be.

  • Primary assessment stripped back

    Assessment has been the big issue this year, with the DfE encouraging schools to innovate and approach it with fresh eyes, free from the constraints of levels.

  • How obligatory are the writing exemplification materials?

    Well, that is the billion dollar question. The introduction to the materials states in no uncertain terms that schools and LAs must refer to them to ensure that their TA judgements are accurate and standardised across and between schools - which actually makes sense. 

  • Ofsted myths and facts on assessment

    We’re still hearing from lots of teachers that they’re not completely sure what Ofsted is expecting to see in terms of assessment practice and are worried about fallout from Ofsted at their next inspection.