• Myth busting series: Tutoring is expensive

    The affordability of online tuition today is often questioned by teachers, especially with tight budgets dismissing Tutoring as a luxury. However, thanks to the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) this is not the case. 

  • Pioneering pilot sees Pearson partner with Persona Life Skills

    Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, and Persona Education, the online personal development provider for schools and colleges, have entered into a new pilot project. Together, we’re creating a series of digital badge programmes aimed to support GCSE learners with the development of 22 social-emotional skills, or “life skills”. 

  • Why a diverse English curriculum matters now more than ever

    “There has never been a stronger reason than all the things that are happening, to try and show students that they are members of a global society.” 

    Bennie Kara, Author and Deputy Headteacher

    Consider the value of global connections and understanding in 2023; the power of communication as we navigate life post-pandemic, including the climate crisis; the huge importance of empathy, as issues like the rising cost of living, and the conflict in Ukraine continue to make their impact on young lives. With a diverse English curriculum helping to shape learners’ views and skillsets, schools can develop tolerance and sustainable thinking for new generations – something we need now more than ever before. 

  • Words last a lifetime’ Alison Kriel on Broadening the Curriculum

    On the 11th November, in a Pearson webinar, former Headteacher and specialist speaker on anti-racism, Alison Kriel, shared her views about ‘broadening the curriculum’, opening up conversations about identity, race and inclusion with the audience. Here, Alison reflects on key points for teachers to consider – starting with the incredible power of words.

  • ‘The Impact Will Last a Lifetime’ Laila El-Metoui on LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the classroom

    On the 16th of November, in a one-off Pearson webinar, Laila El-Metoui, founder of Pride in Education, Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year (2020) and Equity Educator, shared with teachers and senior school leaders, what they can do to further diversify the curriculum, highlighting how inclusion at school can have a life-long impact on all learners including those who are LGBTIQA+.

    Laila reflects on the key points teachers need to consider supporting a super diverse curriculum – starting with our own biases.

  • A closer look at LGBTIQA+ inclusion with Laila El-Metoui

    Ahead of the upcoming webinar, ‘Diversifying your curriculum: a closer look at LGBTIQA+ inclusion,’ taking place on Tuesday 16th November, speaker and founder of Pride in Education, Laila El-Metoui, shares her thoughts on the importance and benefits of fostering an inclusive environment in education.