Power Maths KS2 is recommended by the DfE

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Great news! The Power Maths Key Stage 2 resources have been judged as fully delivering a mastery approach and placed on the DfE’s list of recommended textbooks, alongside the already recommended Key Stage 1 resources!

The panel judged that the Power Maths programme:

  • Meets all the criteria for high quality textbooks to support a mastery approach, where all children believe they can succeed by working hard and progress together by working as a whole class on the same concepts, at the same time
  • Delivers the National Curriculum for Mathematics by building up concepts in small, logical steps 
  • Develops and deepens children’s understanding through representations that reveal the structure of mathematical concepts, and intelligent practice that builds procedural fluency and conceptual understanding 
  • Incorporates formative and summative assessments that support teachers to measure progress and decide on their next steps for teaching, while allowing children to review key ideas and check their own understanding 
  • Helps teachers to develop their own subject knowledge and pedagogical practice.

By passing the resources, the panel also acknowledges that all resources have gone through a rigorous process to ensure quality throughout.

What does this mean for me and my school?

As part of the Teaching for Mastery programme, the DfE are providing up to £2000 match funding for selected schools (more than 8000 schools in total) to invest in high-quality mastery resources. The list of approved resources has been released by the DfE for schools to choose from. If your school is eligible, you can choose to claim your funding against the Power Maths Textbooks, Practice books, Teacher Guides and the Online Toolkit.

How do I know if my school is eligible?

To qualify for match funding, your school must be part of an official Work Group (Teacher Research Group) linked to a Maths Hub and led by a mastery specialist. Get in touch with your local maths hub to find out more at mathshubs.org.uk.

Even if your school isn’t eligible for funding, rest assured you can trust the quality of the Power Maths resources as being approved by the DfE.

How do we claim the funding?

To buy Power Maths with your match funding, simply purchase the resources in full from your school budget, as you would normally. Then, send a copy of the original invoice, along with a new invoice from your school to your Maths Hub for half the amount of the purchase (up to £2000). Your Maths Hub will, in turn, pay the invoice and you will receive your match funding. Schools in this year’s cohort (2017/2018), only have until 31 December 2018 to claim their match funding!

Next steps

Our free Handy Little Guide to Maths Mastery will tell you more about this funding opportunity, how to claim your funding, and provide practical support in implementing maths mastery in your school, 

Request free copy of Handy Little Guide to Maths Mastery

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