• Textbooks in maths - why the scare-factor?

    ‘The use of well-designed and tested textbooks is critical for the successful implementation of teaching for mastery. A good textbook is an aid both for the teacher in planning lessons, and for the pupil during lessons and working on their own.’  NCETM 2018

  • Reconsidering Maths as a Creative Discipline

    Creativity is at the heart of mathematical practice, with models, images and symbols providing a foundation for solving problems, building empathy and considering others’ points of view. Josh Lury offers some tactics for approaching maths problems while deepening creativity.

  • Power Maths – it’s every teacher’s dream!

    Mostaque Kamaly (joint Maths Lead at Hague Primary School in Bethnal Green) loves his subject, and has always encouraged his pupils to share his excitement and passion for the subject.

  • The Power of Maths Roundtable Series

    Harnessing the "power" of maths

    "Maths is not just a subject studied in the classroom. It is relevant and important in our lives beyond the school gates, whether we are looking to understand our economy and natural world, engage with society or manage our personal lives. Maths can also unlock doors by giving us the tools we need to access new learning... or pursue a career that increases our earning power."

  • Textbooks in maths - why the scare-factor?

    In this blog Beth Smith (Head of Primary at White Rose Maths and author on Power Maths) explores how teachers can use well-researched, high-quality textbooks and their accompanying Teacher Guides effectively in their classrooms to support their teaching.

  • Teacher and children in classroom.

    Power Maths KS2 is recommended by the DfE

    Great news! The Power Maths Key Stage 2 resources have been judged as fully delivering a mastery approach and placed on the DfE’s list of recommended textbooks, alongside the already recommended Key Stage 1 resources!