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Go With Me On This...

A fun new debate-style podcast, where each week hosts Ndidi Okezie and Laura McInerney take turns to come up with a 'crazy' idea about education. The show aims to have conversations about critical topics surrounding the school system today, in a manner that allows a broader community of people to engage

Episode one: Knowledge should be the single biggest priority in a school's curriculum


Knowledge should be the single biggest priority in a school's curriculum

This episode brings a discussion on curriculum and the very topical 'knowledge vs. skills' debate. Guest hosts Oli de Botton and Lewis Iwu also join the conversation to give some inisight on what they think. A lot of discussion came out about there needing to be a balance between the two, rather than a choice between the importance of one over the other.

"In reception, we emphasise showing humanity by being kind. That's just as an important building block in the curriculum as getting the foundations of language" - Oli De Botton

Episode two: Parents should leave the educating of their children to the school

Can a parent's view of the one be balanced with a school's view of the many? Episode two brings lots of debate around parental engagement in schools, with Laura arguing that schools, as a free public service, have to operate in the best interests of everyone, whereas parents have to operate in the best interests of their children. Joining the hosts this week are guests Mark Lehain and Sonia Meggie.

"Our children won't survive in school without a strong and interactive relationship with parents, carers, their communities and teachers" 

- Sonia Meggie

Episode three: The mainstream media are the biggest influence on the brand of teaching

Episode three delivers perhaps the liveliest debate so far with many listeners getting involved in social media to share their views. Ndidi puts forward her case to Laura and this week's guests Lord Jim Knight and Hannah Wilson, that the presented view of teaching in the media, is significantly worse than negative stories surrounding other professions. 

"...if you were right, no one would want to join this profession" -  Lord Jim Knight

Episode four: Careers education is not a good use of school time

In this episode it’s Laura’s turn to take the stand and defend what some see as unthinkable. In this heated conversation Laura believes that there are other ways to prepare children for the world of work than careers education, and that there are better ways to use the school's time. This week's guests are Tristram Hooley and Carl Fazackerley

"Education is an investment in the future of the workforce. Schools owe it to the tax payer to make sure that employees are prepared and guided into roles and careers." - Carl Fazackerley


Episode five: Schools cannot be expected to solve knife crime

The final episode of our pilot series is on the difficult and often taboo topic of knife crime. In this emotional episode, Ndidi argues that ’Schools cannot be expected to solve knife crime', whilst Laura passionately seeks to convince her otherwise. This episode throws up a few surprises for both Ndidi and Laura as they try to change each other’s minds. This week guests are Kiran Gill and Nathanial Peat.

"It is not an added extra to keep children safe. It is core to our work to keep children safe." - Kiran Gill 

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