Power Maths: Why a summer term start gives teachers and learners the edge

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If you are considering or have already invested in the exciting Power Maths programme, don’t wait until September… Get your school ahead of the game with a summer start: the benefits make it truly worthwhile!

How it can help you: Reflections from Tony Staneff

Starting Power Maths may seem daunting, and you and your colleagues may feel overwhelmed by the task. In fact, a summer start can take away so much pressure and give a fantastic experience all round!

1. A soft launch

Making an early start with Power Maths gives everyone the advantage: Teachers can get used to its structure, language, pedagogy – and enjoy the positivity about maths that it brings! Pupils start to understand the lesson format, get to know the characters and, crucially, begin to develop more confident mindsets. And for parents, carers and families, it’s the perfect time to get a feel for the programme and share in the fun and excitement!

2. Find the gaps

Launching new and different initiatives in school is always a challenge but the summer term gives teachers the perfect opportunity to identify any learning gaps to be filled before September. Is that topic too easy? Is this one causing problems? If so, you’ve got time to revisit concepts and plug any gaps – great for building confidence, as well as understanding!

3. Get ready!

A soft summer launch will not only reveal what CPD the team needs to hit the ground running in September, it also gives time to get everyone trained and ready to roll.

Want a few extra tips and hints?

  • Make great use of teacher feedback during the soft launch. What’s working well? What’s not? Where are the struggles? Let the feedback inform your development sessions and make sure everyone’s ready for the new school year.
  • Make the most of the extra time to get your planning prepped, practised and sorted. 
  • Getting the timing right for the different lesson sections is easier to manage when the children know what to expect. During the summer term, focus on one section at a time and practise your approach and timings. For example, in Discover, get children used to working with equipment in pairs; in Share, use the guidance in the Teacher Guide to focus children on giving full and clear explanations, and in Think Together, establish an ‘I Do, We Do, You Do’ routine. Soon, moving easily through each lesson will be second nature!
  • Using the programme early helps you to identify and source the resources you’ll need for September.
  • And finally… Don’t worry if some things don’t work as you’d expected or planned. Accept that the summer start is a trial period, and give yourself and your pupils the time and space to explore the Power Maths journey. By September, you’ll all be raring to go!

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