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  • Diversity is so much more than data – we need to capture the human stories, now!

    Writing a piece exploring the opportunities inclusivity offers seemed like a pretty straightforward task. Find some stats, look at some research, read up on a few ‘experts’ and write an article littered with percentages and data…easy! 

    That is what Inclusivity has now become after all - a series of research, a plethora of experts and survey after survey churning out a load of stats, repeating the message over and over again that “We need more Diverse books”. 

  • Myth busting series: Online tutoring isn’t tailored for pupils with SEND

    How many times have you heard these myths?  Pupils with SEND can’t engage via a screen, pupils with SEND will struggle to build a relationship with their tutor, online tutoring isn’t tailored for pupils with SEND. 

    With the right, relaxed conditions and with students, teachers, SENCos and tutors all on the same page, every online tutoring session can count.