Pearson School Report 2024

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This year, The Pearson School Report, brings together over 12,000+ teacher, student and sector voices on education – the challenges, solutions in action, and opportunities for the future. 

“[There are] increased numbers of pupils with mental health difficulties and lack of resources to support them."

- Secondary Classroom Teacher

“My teacher helped me with my work when I was struggling and made me feel clever.”

- Primary Pupil

Building on the insights and commitments of the Pearson School Reports to date, we’ll work alongside the education community to continue seeking answers to four key questions:

  • How can we facilitate further collaboration and showcase innovation around some of the key challenges being experienced within the education community?
  • How can we accelerate progress to ensure all learners and educators feel included in education?
  • How can we help each school and trust to shape sustainable and brighter futures where everyone can flourish?
  • How can we keep embracing digital innovation and collectively tackle barriers such as the digital divide?

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