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Diversity in Primary Literacy

We're working to ensure all children feel represented in their reading, whatever their ability, background or identity, so that they can in turn develop a lifelong love of reading.

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Flexible, high-quality tuition for your pupils

Pearson Tutoring offers a range of sessions with UK qualified teachers for upper KS1 and KS2 in English, reading and maths. As providers of qualifications and resources from ages 5-19, we are in a unique position to provide high-quality tuition personalised to your pupils individual needs, using standardised lesson materials and assessments. 

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Recent news and blog posts

  • Closing the gender gap in Design Engineering Education – lessons from HE

    As of March 2022, women made up 16.5% of all engineers in the UK, compared to the 10.5% reported in 20101. While we may be tempted to say the jump from 1 in 10 engineers being women to 1 in 7 shows progress, these figures still reflect the fact that the number of female engineering students persistently sits below 20% in higher education (HE). Much has been written about the myriad ways in which people have tried to address this issue and yet stubbornly these statistics – and their impact upon minority groups – prevails.

Pearson Schools Podcasts

We provide a variety podcasts across English, Science and Extended Curriculum. Explore the range we offer and listen to inspiring speakers and experts in the fields, who are helping to stimulate the important conversations within each subject.

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