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Revision Guides

Matched to Pearson Edexcel or AQA specifications, these revision guides provide complete course coverage in an easy-to-follow one-page format. Packed full of topic summaries, examiner tips, worked examples and practice questions.

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Revision Workbooks

Page matched to the revision guides these write-in books help you practice for exams alongside the topic support you need. Including guided and unguided exam-style practice questions with revision tips and support throughout. 

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Revision Cards

Organise your revision and exam practice with 100 cards and 3 organising dividers. With topic summaries to help you remember key facts, multiple choice questions for quick practice and worked examples. Includes free online revision guide! 

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Practice Papers

Boost your exam skills and knowledge with Practice Paper Plus: write-on practice papers with notes on mark allocation, content recaps, and exam-skills practice. Breaks down each type of question and shows how to contruct an answer.

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GCSE 2022 exam changes

On 7 February 2022, advance information was released about how your GCSE exams will work this year. To explain what this means for you, we've created a summary of the changes to Pearson Edexcel GCSEs in 2022.

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Wellbeing support

Feeling a certain amount of concern or worry about exams is natural. We’re here to support you as much as possible with wellbeing resources that have been developed for young people.

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