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Celebrating a summer of sport

This summer will see multiple international sporting events, capturing the gaze of millions across the globe.

What better way to inspire learning a new language than preparing to speak to tourists, athletes and fans, discussing what to see, who you are, as well as celebrating and making friends.

To celebrate a summer of sport, we’ve built a selection of fun games and classroom activities for you to try with your students. 

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New 2024 French, German and Spanish GCSE resources coming soon!
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Permission to Speak: Amplifying Marginalised Voices Through Languages

As part of our work to shine a light on the complete and often complicated history behind the growth of languages, we've partnered with leading language educators and leaders through the Association for Language Learning Decolonise Secondary MFL Special Interest Group to address 'diversifying the MFL curriculum' and to create a new series that aims to illuminate the hidden stories of marginalised people and cultures. 

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You're invited to our training events!

We're hosting several 'Getting ready to teach' events, where we will discuss the details of each paper and their accompanying mark schemes, the vocabulary and grammar requirements, planning approaches, and more.

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