A new review of the BCSE

Something to brighten up a Friday afternoon. A new review of the Brief Cognitive Status Exam (BCSE) by Dr Chris. Hamilton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

“As a Clinical Psychologist I face increasing demands from Solicitors requesting capacity assessments for their clients for a range of problems including screening for cognitive decline prior to making a Will or an LPA. The Brief Cognitive Status Exam (BCSE) allows me to evaluate global cognitive functioning in a range of clients/patients who might be exhibiting cognitive problems relating to dementia, mild MR, TBI, or suspected Alzheimer’s disease.

The BCSE remains unobtrusive and user-friendly and it provides me with the key data that can be displayed in a clear graphical display for easy interpretation. The BCSE enables me to produce concise empirical reports for Solicitors and they often comment on both the usefulness of the assessment and the fact that the information is provided in a succinct and easy to understand format.”

Dr. Chris Hamilton – Cons. Clinical Psychologist, Mental Capacity Specialist

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