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MyLab + Credly Keeps Student Employability Top of Mind

MyLab provides students with resources to build skill competency that is designed to assist in preparing them for their professional aspirations. Through industry-recognized assessment and analysis, Pearson is able to provide key Digital Badging credentials for high-performing students to leverage in their job seeking goals. These badges are provided through industry-leader Credly, whom many top global organizations partner with for their own Digital Credentials.

Over 66 million digital credentials are issued on the Credly platform across +3500 different organizations, education institutions, associations, and employers. In fact, Credly is the exclusive digital credential backbone for the American Council on Education. Pearson + Credly has the ability to connect students directly with employers who are looking to hire people with these sought-after skills!

Here you can see our latest addition with Excel Advanced that is available exclusive through our Computer Applications course in MyLab IT.

Discover how students can earn a MyLab IT digital badge

View of MyLab IT Microsoft Excel 2021 Advanced badging page.

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