Travel Opportunities Abound for College Students

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Amiaya Ross
The view from a cruise ship window looking out over the ocean with the faint outline of land in the distance.

The first week of May is typically recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week in the United States. College students often have access to unique opportunities to travel for study abroad or during term breaks.

Travel allows people to gain new experiences that they may not be able to have at home. Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new places allows you to expand your understanding of the diversity of other cultures, while also helping you to build self-confidence as you meet different people from all around the world. You can also generate your creativity by traveling to new places and seeing new things.

While growing up, my family and I used to go on road trips all the time to visit relatives. Ever since then, traveling has become one of my favorite hobbies. Whether it be just a spur of the moment trip, or a weekend getaway, I am always down to join along. My favorite part of traveling is getting the opportunity to see new places, meeting new people, and getting to try new things.

Ways to celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week:

Go on a trip

Not all trips have to be extravagant and long. Take a trip to a new city or visit somewhere local you have never been before!

Send a gift

If you attend college outside of your hometown, send a gift to one of your friends or family members. Choose something that represents the city you live in!

Try a foreign cuisine

The best way to experience a new culture is through the cuisine. Look and see if there are any local restaurants in your area!

Research your next adventure

Pick a destination that you would like to travel to someday and look into their culture. For example, look into what holidays they celebrate! Or, check out your university’s study abroad or other travel opportunities.

Traveling is known to be a great stress reliever, and as a busy college student, taking a break from school and getting away is important for your mental health, since it allows you to disconnect and recharge.

What tourism opportunities are in your future?

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