Using Mastering Physics for Much More than Homework!

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Dr. Scott Hildreth of Chabot College shares some of the techniques and assignments he's used with Mastering in his on-campus and online classes to help students stay engaged.

Dr. Scott Hildreth, Chabot College

We know the students in our introductory astronomy and physics classes — whether delivered on-campus or online — have a variety of learning style preferences. Some students still do well reading from the textbooks, and listening in lecture, but many students share that they seem to resonate and learn even more effectively with visual animations, simulations, and tutorials that offer hints, help, and opportunities for further exploration. Online homework and learning systems can deliver all of these — and more. I’ll share some of the techniques and assignments I’ve used with Mastering in my on-campus and online classes to help my students stay engaged and interested, including tremendously fun competitive exam review sessions, and share a bit about how Mastering helps me to see whether the students really are learning.​