Using Workspace to Unpack Students' Mathematical Errors and to Develop Reasoning Skills

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Ruthmae Sears and Caree Pinder of University of South Florida provide an overview of MyLabsPlus® Workspace features, and discuss their experiences with the product.  

Ruthmae Sears, University of South Florida
Caree Pinder, University of South Florida

MyLabsPlus Workspace provides insights into student’s mathematical thinking and misconceptions. In this session, Ruthmae and Caree will describe how MyLabsPlus Workspace provides students with an opportunity to show their work in an online environment. They will provide an overview of features of MyLabsPlus Workspace and how it is used at the University of South Florida. Then, they will describe common errors students make when communicating mathematics in MyLabsPlus Workspace, including syntax errors, omission of mathematical symbols, and fragile mathematical conceptions. Finally, the speakers will highlight how the data collected during the lessons is used to remediate areas where students struggled.