Pearson MyLab and Mastering and Gradescope

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about Pearson and Gradescope’s partnership and how it can benefit your MyLab and Mastering courses.

High stakes testing in an online environment presents a unique set of challenges for our instructors, particularly when it comes to providing authentic assessment on remote exams. That’s why Pearson has partnered with Gradescope to help instructors who want to require students to “show the work” on exams, homework, and projects. By attending this webinar you will:

  • learn how the Pearson and Gradescope partnership can help you deliver remote assignments for your MyLab™ and Mastering™ courses (including final exams)
  • watch a demo on how to create and grade online exams, homework, and projects on Gradescope
  • find out where to register for access and how to get started