Pearson+: The Student Experience

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Join Dr. Terri Moore and students Anna Attaway, Taylor King, and Tahmina Tisha for a conversation about Pearson+ from a faculty and student perspective. Explore the student experience and hear firsthand how Pearson+ supports today's students.

Dr. Terri Moore, Eastern Florida State College
Anna Attaway, Student, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Taylor King, Student, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Tahmina Tisha, Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Get introduced to the student side of Pearson+ by students directly! Currently, instructors have a different experience than students and we want to be sure you’re able to see what students will see and experience when they’re in Pearson+.

In this conversation, we’ll cover everything from how students can search for an eText, select and purchase a subscription model, and engage with their eText through the new Pearson+ app. We’ll also highlight key eText enhancements students are loving.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Pearson+ in action and get your questions answered by students and our product development team during our live Q&A session.



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