• We’re updating our invoices and statements

    We’re always looking at how we can improve your experience with Pearson. We’ve listened to customer feedback about our documents and have made updates to our invoices, credit memos and statements.

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  • Employer commitment to skills training strengthens

    The report ‘Education and learning for the modern world’ surveys 208 businesses and trade associations. It reveals that 45% of respondents value all qualifications equally, with 29% looking for a mix of academic and technical education post-16. This includes academic (A levels), career-focused (such as BTEC) and occupational (apprenticeships and T Levels).

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  • Independent Commission highlights urgent need to focus on skills and lifelong learning in a changing economy

    Further reform needed to boost UK competitiveness and ensure young people and adults are set up to succeed in the future world of work

    • Further reform to the UK skills system could unlock an annual £22 billion competitiveness dividend
    • The economic case for action on skills is clear: Brexit uncertainty, technological disruption, and a slump in productivity worse than any other G7 nation are hampering the UK’s competitiveness and putting the career prospects of young people and adult workers at risk
    • Immediate focus should be on ensuring the right provision and flexible pathways are available, creating opportunities which enable lifelong learning, and supporting these efforts through refined investment in education.
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  • Strengthening UK Skills Base could deliver £108 billion boost for the economy

    Commission on Sustainable Learning led by Former Select Committee Chair Neil Carmichael produces first report

    A radical new approach to education and training, which more adequately prepares people for the world of work and responds to the changing needs of our economy, could deliver a £108 billion boost for the UK, according to a new report released yesterday at the Conservative Party Conference.

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