BTEC Higher Nationals FAQs

What if there is not enough evidence to provide a Centre Assessment Grade?

Can we give a Centre Assessment Grade to a student based on performances in other units?

How long do we need to keep all evidence from Virtual Assessment Boards that informed our Centre Assessment Grade?

Who should attend the Virtual Assessment Board, and what if relevant staff members cannot attend?

Do I have to use the Virtual Assessment Board template provided?

When do we need to have our Virtual Assessment Board completed by?

Can we tell students the grades we have awarded following our Virtual Assessment Board?

What about practical units where students have not yet started/completed the practical elements?

A students wishes to appeal a 'Centre Assessment Grade' we have awarded, what should we do?

Where a work placement is not mandated in the qualification, what is the minimum amount of work placement which needs to be undertaken?

Where work placement hours are mandated in the qualification, what action should I take if they have been unable to be completed?

Should I claim any unit grades before the External Examiner has conducted their review?

Can I request feedback on assessment decisions for completed work?

Will I be able to appeal the 'Calculated Results'?

For my sectors, identify as Category A, when should External Examiner sampling of student work be completed by?

Does my allocated External Examiner remain the same?

Shall I wait to hear from my allocated External Examiner?

I am allocated to Category A, but cannot provide a sample of student work, what should I do?

I am allocated to Category A, but my students do not finish until next year - can I delay the sampling?

Will we receive an External Examiner report?

If a centre has already had an EE visit this year, do we still need to go through this process with them?

Can I change my Assessment Plan?

Where I have an HNC student due to complete this summer, but with the intention to progress to the Level HND in 20/21, do they need to complete and be awarded the HNC this summer?

I am a new centre delivering BTEC Higher Nationals and need some support with these processes, who can I contact for support?

Have you provided guidance for centres who are adapting assessments?

If a centre has already had an EE visit this year, do we still need to go through this process with them?

I have a student who is a key worker. Due to this they may not meet their assessment deadline.

If the assessment for a unit has been selected to be adapted and some of the students within that cohort do submit and pass - they get a 'normal' grade. If a student does not pass the adapted assessment but does meet some learning outcomes, can they be given a CAG instead? Thereby you would have mixed model in the unit assessment.