BTEC Higher Nationals FAQs

What about practical Higher National units, where students have not yet started or completed the practical elements?

Where a work placement is not mandated in the qualification, what is the minimum number of work placement hours which need to be undertaken?

Where work placement hours are mandated in the qualification, what action should I take if they have been unable to be completed?

My student is unable to complete their mandatory placement hours due to the impact of Covid-19. What can we do?   

I am running a Higher National programme that confers a license to practice or includes mandatory workplace assessment requirements. Can my centre use alternative methods to assess practice-based Learning Outcomes and associated criteria, where direct observation is not possible given disruptions caused by Covid-19?   

What about where my programme does not include any mandatory requirements for assessment in the workplace, but I have planned for this in my delivery?  

Can my centre replace direct observations of practice with remote observations?   

My student is taking the Higher National Diploma in Healthcare Practice for England (Healthcare Assistant Practitioner) as part of the Level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard, do the same considerations apply to them?   

Where can I get more information and guidance about sector responses to Covid-19?  

Can our Centre continue with distance learning?

Will an External Examiner (EE) visit my centre this year?

When can I expect to hear from my External Examiner (EE)?

Can I use Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) this year?

Will I need to complete the Higher National Assessment Board Template again this year for my External Examiner?

Can I change my Assessment Plan?

Have you provided guidance for centres who are adapting assessments?

I am a new centre delivering BTEC Higher Nationals and need some support with these processes, who can I contact for support?

I have a student who is a keyworker, and as a result they may not meet their assignment deadline. Do you have any guidance for this situation?

Local lockdowns mean that we cannot deliver some units as planned. Can these be delayed?

Can students progress from Level 4 to Level 5 if the Level 4 units are incomplete?